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Waxing and Hair Removal Services

A quick conversation on first time body waxing...
SMART, CLASSY LADY: I'm nervous. I've never waxed before.
WAX POETIC: No worries. You are in good hands! I've given hundreds their first wax, they come back, and so will you.
SMART, CLASSY LADY: Will it hurt? 
WAX POETIC: A little, but it's really NOT that bad.  I'm fast, thorough and gentle. Your first time will be your most uncomfortable.  This is because the hair root is bigger and people are tense the first time.  Just take an ibuprofen an hour before the appointment, refrain from caffeine, and breathe. 
SMART, CLASSY LADY: Why don't I just keep shaving? 
WAX POETIC: Because waxing will actually make your hair regrow finer and less dense.  Skin is silky smooth for weeks, not days. Waxing has much less instance of irritation and bumps than shaving, and keeps your skin exfoliated and smooth. Plus, a regrown wax job looks and feels a lot better than a regrown shave job. 
SMART, CLASSY LADY: Isn't it expensive?
WAX POETIC: Economically, it's comparable to buying good razor blades. Furthermore, you'll save  time in your daily regime AND save your skin the nicks and cuts.
SMART, CLASSY LADY:Okay. How do I prepare?
WAX POETIC: I need some length on the hair in order to wax it, about a quarter of an inch.  So grow it out! It's the easiest [and hardest] part. Stop shaving today and schedule an appointment in three to four weeks.  Your life is about to change for the better.