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I've been a devoted client of Tara's for well over a year now and can attest to her skillful brow shaping, waxing andfacial nourishment and skin carewisdom. She uses top of the line, organic products that leave my skin radiant and healthy. More than anything Tara has a nurturing presence that comes through her skilful work that allows me to melt into bliss when I enter her space. There's a difference to me in just getting the job done and feeling tended to and truly cared for. She's got the touch. I always leave, feeling refreshed, delighted with the services I've received, and I always feel full of joy from the magic way she keeps me laughing though our session. I highly recommend Tara as a leading beauty practitioner in the Triangle area.

Sommer Sobin, Thousand Petals Yoga

Tara is the perfect combination of gentle, knowledgeable, artistic, and honest. I consistently get complements on the shape of my eyebrows since being under her care. Seeing Tara for aesthetics is truly an experience of being cared for. Tara is able to offer her complete attention and patience as she works. After a session with her, I feel refreshed, confident, and rejuvenated. 

Sarah Honer, Spira Pilates Studio

Emily Rose is a warm, personable aesthetician who approaches her work with the utmost consideration and professionalism. I trust her to care for me head to toe. Never in my life have I been able to say "I can't wait for my waxing appointment!" But now I can! I cannot recommend Emily Rose highly enough!!

The Professor

I have been spoiled by the French estheticians I used to visit when I lived in France.  When I moved to Chapel Hill in 2001, I looked and looked for a good esthetician and in particular, a decent waxer...I ended up giving up the search because I couldn't find anyone who would wax correctly (at best, I couldn't find anyone who wasn't afraid of hair! and at worst,  I was left bruised and bumpy as a result of the wax) so I ended up learning how to wax myself....UNTIL....I found Emily Rose.  I have never been happier with my wax!  She is BY FAR THE BEST waxer I have ever visited! And that includes my great French estheticians!  My standards are very high - I feel like a hairy monkey when I'm not waxed.  I will no longer have to take my hair removal into my own hands.  Emily Rose has a client in me for as long as she chooses to do this!  And not to mention she makes me feel so at ease!  Going to see Emily Rose is like going to therapy - hair and otherwise!  I love her and recommend her VERY HIGHLY to everyone who wishes to wax!

French Ex-pat