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Offering waxing, facials, massage, eyelashes, laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation!

Beauty Services


They can be anti-aging, anti-acne, hydrating, clarifying, brightening, and / or refining...But they are universally relaxing, pampering and tailor-made for your skin's needs.  Benefits of regular facials include, but are not limited to, improved tone and texture, clear pores, firmed tissue and an overall healthy glow. 
Under steam, skin is cleansed, massaged, exfoliated, enzymed, extracted (a term for professional blackhead removal), toned, masked, and moisturized.  In between all this, scalp, neck shoulders, arms and hands are massaged. Luxury!!


A vegetable based dye used on the lashes and brows to add color and density. Its a great for covering grays, matching brows to your fab hair color, for fair haired folks who want more definition in their eyebrows or want dark, lush lashes without mascara. 


A semi-permanent application of  faux lashes  Using black surgical glue, individual lashes are adhered and remain in place for the life of the natural lash (20 to 30 days).  Fill-ins are required on a monthly basis to maintain fullness.  Using products by


For all occasions, from the basic to the dramatic.  Experienced in weddings, proms, application instruction, photo shoots, and camouflaging.